Children of Thomas William P. Stillman
and Mary Harward Allen

descendent on the female side of the Harwards of Devon - Vide Hereward the Saxon Patriot by Lieutenant General Harward

Mildred Agnes Stillman
Born: 10 Mar 1893
Died: 10 Aug 1893

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Geoffrey Harward Stillman
Born: 8 Aug 1895
Place: Australia
Died: 1984
Place: Australia
Married:1) Edith M. Rivers
Born: 5 Jul 1893
Died: 8 Oct 1956
Date Married: circa 1914
Married:2) Jean V. B. Lyons Miller
Date Married:

Geoffrey Harward Stillman researched the Stileman/Stillman family name for many years - publishing a Stillman family history called "Ancestor" in 1969. Most all of the information and data listed in the Australian Stillman branch and much of the ancient lineages from 1445 to 1700 is from Geoffrey Harward Stillman's research.

The information contained in this page is based on STILLMAN GENEOLOGY from Steeple Ashton complied by Geoffrey Stillman of Australia in 1969 and received from Raymond W. Stillman of Holt, Trowbridge, Wiltshire County, England in 1984.
Information has been provided by Kelvin Parker Stillman, New South Wales, Australia