Children of Henry Styleman, Esquire
and 2nd wife - Emelia Preedy

daughter of Benjamin Preedy of St. Albans, Hertfordshire County, England

Son of the Reverend Armine Styleman and Ann Blakeway, Henry Styleman of Hunstanton and Snettisham was born in Fakenham on 25 June 1754, and baptized there on 19 Jul 1754.
He was educated in Norwich three years, at Hingham for four years, at Harrow for three years, and finally was admitted as a member of Caius College, Cambridge, at nineteen years of age on 6 Oct 1773. Henry married first Mary Gregg, by whom he had no issue, daughter of Robert Gregg, Esquire, of Great Ealing, Middlesex, and Lower Grosvenor Street, at Saint George's Hanover Square, on 5 Oct 1780.
He became High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1804.
Mary Styleman née Gregg died at fifty seven years of age on 6 Dec 1807, and was buried at Snettisham on 16 Dec 1807.
After Mary's death, Henry married second Emilia Preedy (17 Sep 1780 - 20 Feb 1873), granddaughter of Benjamin Preedy, Esquire, D.D., Rector of Saint Albans Abbey and Brington, Northamptonshire, by Mary Osborn of Flamsteadbury, Hertfordshire, at Saint James, Westminster, on 5 Dec 1809. Emilia's father Benjamin Preedy the Younger(1745 - 16 Sep 1786) of Saint Albans, married Nelly Tiverton (1748 - 9 Feb 1846), daughter of William Tiverton and Eleanor Stourton, and died at forty-one years. Emilia's father was a great friend of the Spencer family, and was persuaded by Lord Spencer to accept the living of Brington, that Benjamin might be near him, in 1771. Henry Styleman was fifty five years old when he married the twenty nine year old Emilia, in 1809.
Henry died on 25 Mar 1819 at sixty four years, and was buried at Snettisham on 7 Apr 1819. Letters of administration to his widow Emilia indicate that Henry died in-testate. Emilia died at ninety three years of age at Snettisham, Norfolk, in 1873, and was buried at Hunstanton.

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Henry L'Estrange Styleman Le Strange
Born: 25 Jan 1815
Place: Snettisham, Norfolk County, England
Died: 27 July 1862
Place: London, England - buried in Hunstanton Churchyard
Married: Jamesine Joyce Ellen Stewart
Born: 25 May 1819
Place: Belledrum, County Inverness, Scotland
Died: 6 Jul 1892
Place: London, England
Date Married: 25 July 1839 - in St. James Church, Picadilly, London, England

Emilia L'Estrange Styleman
Born: 11 Apr 1817
Place: London, England
Died: 5 Apr 1901
Place: Hunstanton - buried at Ringstead, Norfolk County, England
Married: Reverend Fredrick Thomas William Coke Fitzroy
Place: circa 1815
Died: 20 Feb 1862
Date Married: 29 May 1834 - in Paddington Church, England

Armine L'Estrange Styleman
Born: 3 Oct 1819
Place: Snettisham, Norfolk County, England
Died: 19 Jun 1912
Place: Harrow-on-the-Hill
Married: Captain William Charles James Campbell
Born: circa 1817
Place: Ensay Island, Harris
Died: 18 Apr 1880
Place: Hastings
Date Married: 24 Jul 1840 - in Hunstanton, Norfolk County, England

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