Children of Hamon le Strange VI né Styleman le Strange, Esquire,
and Emmeline Austin

daughter of William Austin of Boston, Massachusetts USA

Lord of the Manors of Hunstanton, Snettisham, Ringstead, and c, and Patron of the livings of Hunstanton with Barrett-Ringstead, Great Ringstead, and Snettisham

Son of Henry L'Estrange Styleman le Strange né Styleman and Jamesina Joyce Ellen Stewart, Hamon le Strange né Styleman le Strange was born over a baker's shop on the corner of Upper Berkeley Street, Portman Square, London, on 25 Nov 1840, and was baptized at Christ Church, Albany Street, by the Reverend William Dodsworth. He was educated at Eton from 1853 to 1858, and at Christ Church, Oxford, from 1858 to 1862.
He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1861. He was appointed Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) for Norfolk by Thomas William, Earl of Leicester, on 24 Mar 1862, and became a Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Norfolk in the same year. On his father's death on 27 Jul 1862, he succeeded to the ownership of Hunstanton Hall and other properties in Norfolk. He entered Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service as an Attaché on 20 Jun 1864. As a Secretary in H.M. Diplomatic Service, he served in British embassies and consulates in Mexico City, 1865-1866, and Paris, 1867-1868. Commissioned as Third Secretary on 13 Jul 1868, he worked at the British Embassy and consulates in Washington, DC, 1869-1871, and the Foreign Office in London, 1871-1872.
Hamon met his American wife in Germany. He married Emmeline Austin (22 Jan 1846 - 24 Apr 1918), only daughter of William Austin of Boston, Massachusetts, on 20 Dec 1866 in Boston. Emmeline was baptized at Saint George's Church, Capetown, by Robert G. Lamb, A.B., Junior Chaplain.
Hamon sold Snettisham Hall, Lynn, an inheritance of the Styleman family in 1871, subsequently dropped the surname Styleman by a Deed Poll dated 1 May 1874, and spent many of his later years studying the history of the le Strange family. Hamon secured his Master of Arts degree in 1873.
Hamon le Strange VI contested a competing claim to the Baron of Hastings made by his eighteenth cousin once removed Edith Maud Clifton Abney-Hastings née Rawdon-Hastings (1833-1874).
Hamon le Strange of Hunstanton Hall, Snettisham, Ringstead, et cetera, patron of the livings of Hunstanton, with Barret Ringstead, of Great Ringstead, and of Snettisham, became a member of the Coast Artillery (C.A.). He was appointed High Sheriff of Norfolk on 26 Feb 1880. He was elected County Alderman for Norfolk on 12 Mar 1892, and elected Chairman of Quarter Sessions for Norfolk on 25 Oct 1893. Hamon was appointed Provincial Grand Master of Freemasons for Norfolk by a Patent signed by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, G.M., on 19 Jul 1898. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (F.S.A.) on 9 Mar 1902. He belonged to Saint James's Club, London, S.W.
In the late Victorian era, Hamon wrote Notes on the History of the Knights of St. John, Notes from History Books, a collection of le Strange pedigrees, and a genealogical notebook entitled Le Strange Pedigree. He prepared a Lecture on Traces of Early Man in Hunstanton in 1903. Maintaining an old family tradition, Hamon added to the volumes of Hunstanton Household Accounts, portions of which survive from as far back as the fourteenth century.
Hamon's monumental work Le Strange Records: A Chronicle of the Early Le Strange of Norfolk and the March of Wales A.D. 1100-1310, with the Lines of Knockin and Blackmere Continued to their Extinction was published by Longmans, Green and Company in 1916. The particular copy which was used in preparing this report, is inscribed, To my Wife, The first copy issued before publication, 12 September 1916, Hamon le Strange, and was acquired by making a routine inquiry by mail to a bookseller in London in 1969.
Hamon reportedly died in 1918. The report preparer has Hamon's death recorded as 1919, but remembers not upon what authority. That year would have been the same year that Hamon's eldest son Roland le Strange died, and Hamon's grandson Charles Alfred le Strange appears to have immediately succeeded to both his grandfather and father in the same year.

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Roland le Strange Styleman le Strange
Born: 5 Mar 1869
Place: Paris, France
Died: 20 Feb 1919
Married: Honourable Agneta Francis Delaval Astley née Hastings
Born: circa 1871
Died: 3 Oct 1918
Date Married: 22 Oct 1891 in Saint Andrews, Wells Street, London, England

Emmeline Styleman Le Strange
Born: 1872 - baptized on 7 Feb 1872
Place: London, England
Died: 27 Jul 1948
Married:1) Major Charles Harcourt Gam Wood
Born: circa 1869
Place: Gate House, Framfield, Sussex County, England
Died: 7 Aug 1925
Date Married: 22 Jan 1989
Married:2) Major General Henry Lethbridge Alexander, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.
Date Married: 23 Jan 1948

Emmeline Alexander née Styleman le Strange, otherwise called Lina Styleman le Strange, was born at 30 Hertford, Saint Mayfair, London, and baptized at Hunstanton on 7 Feb 1872.
Emmeline married first Major Charles Harcourt Gam Wood (died 7 Aug 1925), late of the 15th Hussars, of the Gate House, Framfield, Sussex, and of Caer Beris, Builth Wells, Wales, on 22 Jan 1898. A loose pedigree chart seems to indicate that Major Wood was commonly called 'Harcourt', that his father was William Harcourt Wood, his grandfather was Charles Wood, and his great-grandfather was Thomas Wood of Littleton.
Emmeline married second Major General Henry Lethbridge Alexander, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., on 1933/1/23. Emmeline died on 1948/7/26.

The Reverend Austin le Strange
Born: 22 May 1874
Place: London, England
Died: 11 Feb 1936
Married: Katherine Ellen Grey née Lloyd-Mostyn
Born: circa 1876
Date Married: 16 Apr 1903

Eric le Strange
Born: 1878 - Baptized 20 Jan 1878
Place: London, England
Died: 22 Jun 1918
Married: Nita Florence Gordon
Born: circa 1880
Died: 5 May 1955
Place: Saffron Close, Heacham, Norfolk County, England
Date Married: 17 Oct 1906

Maud le Strange
Born: 7 Sep 1879
Place: Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk County, England
Died: 24 Jul 1930
Married: Algernon Charles George Hervey
Born: 28 Sep 1851
Died: 24 Feb 1934
Date Married: 18 Oct 1910

Maud - twin sister of Sibyl, was born at Hunstanton Hall, on 7 Sep 1879, and was baptized at Hunstanton on 5 Oct 1879. She married Algernon Charles George Hervey, fourth son of Lord Alfred Hervey, sixth son of the 1st Marquess of Bristol, on 18 Oct 1910. Maud died on 24 Jul 1930.

Sibyl le Strange
Born: 7 Sep 1879 - baptized at Hunstanton on 5 Oct 1879
Place: Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk County, England
Died: 14 Feb 1920
Date Married:

Sibyl was the twin sister of Maud.

Initial information contained in this page is based on STILLMAN GENEOLOGY from Steeple Ashton compiled by Geoffrey Stillman of Australia in 1969; received updated version from Raymond Stillman of Holt, Trowbridge, Wiltshire County, England in 1984.

The Holt Family GEDCOM was referenced for additional material.

Further information on this page is based on research by John R. Mayer Styleman and Le Strange of Hunstanton 1691-1993 revision number 72, with permission from Barbara Way,

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