Children of Deacon William Stillman
and 2nd wife - Martha Potter

daughter of Jonathan Potter and Mary West

Deacon William Stillman was a writer and researcher of Stillman family history. In 1852, he published the book Miscellaneous Compositions, in Poetry and Prose which contains valuable information relating to Stillman Family life in the late 1600's through the early 1800's.

Deacon William Stillman was by trade a watch and clock-maker, and lived to the advanced age of ninety-six years. Portrait and Biographical Album; Washington, Clay and Riley Counties; published in Chicago, IL; Chapman Brothers; 1890.

"The Sabbath Recorder", Vol 15, No 26, p 103, Feb. 2, 1859.

Dea. William Stillman, whose death is recorded this week, was the oldest resident in this town, and has been one of its notables for many years. He was born in Westerly, May 4th, 1767, and from that time until 1793 he resided in various places in Rhode Island and Connecticut. In the spring of the latter year he removed to this village and commenced the clock and silversmith business, which he continued until 1809, when he went to building cotton machinery.

He was an exceedingly ingenious man, a trait which early made itself apparent, for, when but fourteen years of age, and never having seen a clock, he constructed a timepiece which ran for years, keeping tolerable time. The bell was made of an old bottle, and, in order to make it run for twenty-four hours with once winding up, he found it necessary to allow the weight to pass through the floor into the cellar, and finally into a deep hole in the cellar bottom; but, under the circumstances, it was a triumph of ingenuity. Having succeeded so well in this, he found a wooden clock, an article quite scarce in those days, bought it, took a pattern from it, and commenced the manufacture, when about eighteen years old.

Many are the instances related of his ingenuity in the clock business, and there is an astronomical clock now in the room he has occupied for many years past, of his own invention and construction, which is quite a curiosity, serving as it does for a perpetual almanac.

There is also a peculiar specimen of his ingenuity yet in existence and keeping time, in the shape of a clock composed mostly of wires and levers, with the least possible number of wheels in its construction. Its history is that the Deacon had agreed to make a man a clock in exchange for a cow, but finding himself cheated in the animal, he set himself at work "to make a clock worth just as much as a poor cow," and this time-piece was the result.

But, perhaps, his peculiar style of ingenuity is no where better displayed than in his bank locks, to be found on many of the banks in this vicinity, which are so arbitrarily constructed and so devoid of all regularity or system, as to defy any attempts of the professional lock-picker. Of these, the old gentleman had constructed a number in the last few years, each entirely different from all the others.

As an author, also, Mr. Stillman was not without some note, particularly in the line of versification, which was generally distinguished more for its quaintness and wit than for genuine scintillations of the poetic fire. He published a few years since, a collection of his fugitive articles in prose and verse, many of which are arguments upon theological questions, displaying much originality of thought and strong powers of reasoning.

Mr. S. had been married three times, and was the father of eleven children. He was a father and widower before he was twenty years old, having been married when he was eighteen. There are now nine of his children living, thirty-three grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren.

He was a kind and affectionate father, an esteemed neighbor and friend, a pious and efficient officer in the church, and a valuable member of society. At a ripe old age he has been gathered to his fathers. Having passed, by a score of years, the age allotted to man, he has now lain aside the labor of life, and laid him down to rest in the peaceful repose of the tomb - a rest sweet to the weary life-pilgrim, and the awakening there from the dawn of a bright and weariless day. [Narragansett Weekly.]

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Doctor William Stillman, Jr.
Born: 20 Oct 1792
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 24 Mar 1874
Place: Ashaway, RI
Married: Charlotte Coggeshall Champlin
Born: 7 Mar 1795
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 4 May 1877
Place: Ashaway, RI
Date Married: 30 Apr 1818

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Ezra Augustus Stillman
Born: 13 May 1794
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 1 Sep 1866
Place: Troy, NY
Married:1) Charlotte Wells
Born: 1 May 1801
Place: Hopkinton, RI
Died: 27 Jan 1843
Place: Jewett City, CT
Date Married: 19 Apr 1820
Married:2) Eliza Barrows
Born: 12 Aug 1820
Place: Mansfield, CT
Died: 13 May 1919
Place: Green Island, NY
Date Married: 16 Jul 1843

Albert Stillman
Born: 27 Apr 1796
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 14 Oct 1851
Place: Westerly, RI
Married: Hannah Edwards
Born: 25 Jul 1798
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 18 May 1880
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 5 May 1818

Deacon Jonathan Potter Stillman
Born: 10 Feb 1798
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 18 Apr 1879
Place: Westerly, RI
Married: Phoebe Carr
Born: 26 Mar 1800
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 22 May 1886
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 23 Oct 1827

Martha Stillman
Born: 21 Feb 1800
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 1 Aug 1889
Place: Westerly, RI
Married: Deacon John Bright
Born: 3 May 1791
Place: Shiloh, NJ
Died: 26 May 1870
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 25 Aug 1839

Ephriam Stillman
Born: 31 Jan 1802
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 17 Jan 1870
Place: Westerly, RI
Married:1) Mary Tanner
Born: 7 Feb 1805
Place: Ashaway, RI
Died: 25 Aug 1827
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 19 Feb 1824
Married:2) Hannah Tanner
Born: 1 Mar 1803
Place: Ashaway, RI
Died: 7 Mar 1886
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 27 Dec 1831

Weltha Stillman
Born: 17 May 1804
Place: Pawcatuck, RI
Died: 19 Mar 1885
Place: Westerly, RI
Married: Horatio Stillman Berry
Born: 16 Aug 1809
Place: Derby, RI
Died: 28 Jul 1891
Place: Cottage City, MA
Date Married: 23 Aug 1832

Reverend Christopher Chester Stillman
Born: 8 Feb 1806
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 2 Feb 1894
Place: Westerly, RI
Married: Mary Ann Johnson
Born: 30 Aug 1809
Place: Richmond, RI
Died: 13 Feb 1899
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 7 Dec 1829

Amos Stillman
Born: 20 Nov 1807
Place: Pawcatuck, RI
Died: 30 Jan 1897
Place: Rochester, NY
Married:1) Hannah Carr
Born: 23 Jul 1810
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 24 Dec 1859
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 28 Oct 1832
Married:2) Nancy (Allen) Dewing
Born: 28 Jan 1829
Place: Canterbury, CT
Died: 10 Dec 1913
Place: Fair Haven, MA
Date Married: 11 Feb 1867

Matthew Stillman
Born: 24 May 1811
Place: Pawcatuck, RI
Died: 19 Feb 1886
Place: Plainfield, NJ
Married:1) Francina Havens
Born:12 Apr 1808
Place:Groton, CT
Died:8 Sep 1844
Place:New London, CT
Date Married:1 Aug 1832
Married:2) Melissa Colgrove
Born:15 Apr 1811
Place:Richmond, RI
Died:17 May 1878
Place: Westerly, RI
Date Married: 13 Mar 1845
Married:3) Ann Marie (Murphy) West
Born: 2 Oct 1835
Place: Westerly, RI
Died: 14 Jun 1899
Place: Bridgeport, CT
Date Married: 4 Mar 1879