Descendants of Mr. George Stillman
are related to
George Herbert Walker Bush and Family

The legacy is:

USA Stillman immigrant ancestor

George Stileman/Stillman
Born: 1654
Place: Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire County, England
Died: 17 Nov 1728
Place: Wethersfield, CT
Married:1) Jane Pickering
Born: 1659
Place: London, England
Died: 1685
Place: at sea
Date Married: 1677
Married:2) Rebecca Smith
Born: 1668
Place: Wethersfield, CT
Died: 7 Oct 1750
Place: Wethersfield, CT
Date Married: 1686

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Mr. George Stillman and Rebecca Smith had a daughter

Anna Stillman
Born: 6 Apr 1699
Place: Hadley, MA
Died: 7 Nov 1767
Place: Wethersfield, CT
Married: Deacon Hezekiah May
Born: 14 Dec 1696
Place: Roxbury, MA
Died: 5 Sep 1783
Place: Wethersfield, CT
Date Married: 5 Feb 1713

Anna Stillman May and Deacon Hezekiah May had a daughter

Elizabeth May
Born: 8 Dec 1730
Place: Wethersfield, CT
Married: Daniel Newcomb
Born: 29 Nov 1729
Place: Andover, CT
Died: 1789
Date Married: Summer of 1754

Elizabeth May Newcomb and Daniel Newcomb had a daughter

Lydia Newcomb
Born: 28 Apr 1763
Died: 14 Sep 1835
Place: Penfield, NY
Married: Timothy Bush, Jr.
Born: 1 Apr 1766
Place: Lebanon, CT
Died: 4 May 1850
Place: Rochester, NY
Date Married: 26 Jul 1791

Lydia Newcomb Bush and Timothy Bush, Jr. [son of Timothy Bush and Deborah House] had a son

Obadiah Newcomb Bush
Born: 28 Jan 1797
Died: 1851
Place: Enroute from CA
Married: Harriet Smith
Born: 12 May 1800
Place: Cambridge, NY
Died: 21 Jun 1867
Place: Cincinnati, OH
Date Married: 8 Nov 1821

Obadiah Newcomb Bush and Harriet Smith Bush [daughter of Doctor Sanford Smith and Priscilla Whipple] had a son

Reverend James Smith Bush
Born: 15 Jun 1825
Place:Rochester, NY
Died: 11 Nov 1889
Place: Ithaca, NY
Date Married:
Married:2) Harriet Eleanor Fay
Born: 29 Oct 1829
Place: Savannah, GA
Died: 27 Feb 1924
Place: Boston, MA
Date Married: 24 Feb 1859

Reverend James Smith Bush and Harriet Eleanor Fay Bush [daughter of Samuel Howard Fay and Susan Shellman] had a son

Samuel Prescott Bush
Born: 4 Oct 1863
Place: Brick Church, NJ
Died: 8 Feb 1948
Place: Columbus, OH
Married: Flora Sheldon
Born: Mar 1872
Place: OH
Died: 1920
Date Married: 20 Jun 1884

Harriet Eleanor Fay was a descendent of Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson - a descendent of Edward I King of England.
Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson was a distinguished religious teacher who founded Portsmouth, RI in 1683

Samuel Prescott Bush and Flora Sheldon Bush [daughter of Robert Emmet Sheldon and Mary E. Butler] had a son

Prescott Sheldon Bush
Born: 15 May 1895
Place: Columbus, OH
Died: 8 Oct 1972
Place: New York, NY
Married: Dorothy Walker
Born: 1 Jul 1901
Place: Walker's Point, ME
Date Married: 6 Aug 1921

Prescott Sheldon Bush was a US Senator from CT 1952-1962
George Herbert Walker donated the "Walker Cup" to the US vs Britain Golf match in 1922

Prescott Sheldon Bush and Dorothy Walker Bush [daughter of George Herbert Walker and Lucretia "Loulie" Wear] have a son in public service

George Herbert Walker Bush
Born: 12 Jun 1924
Place: Milton, MA
Lived: 2005
Married: Barbara Pierce
Born: 8 Jun 1925
Place: Rye, NY
Lived: 2005
Date Married: 6 Jan 1945

George Herbert Walker Bush was vice-President of the USA for 1980-1988 and President of the USA for 1988-1992
George Herbert Walker Bush is a graduate of Texas A&M University

George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush have two sons in public service

George Walker Bush
Born: 1946
Lived: 2005
Place: Washington, DC
Married: Laura Welch
Born: 1946
Lived: 2005
Place: Washington, DC
Date Married:

George Walker Bush has been twice elected President of the USA 2000-2008
George Walker Bush and Laura Welch Bush has twin daughters;
Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush - born in 1981

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush
Born: 11 Feb 1953
Place: Midland, TX
Lived: 2005
Place: FL
Married: Columba Garnica Gallo [daughter of Jose Maria Garnica and Josefina Gallo]
Born: 1953
Place: León, Guanajuato, Mexico
Lived: 2005
Place: FL
Date Married: 23 Feb 1974

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush has been twice elected Governor of Florida 1998-2006
John Ellis "Jeb" Bush and Columba Garnica Bush have children;
George Bush - born 1976
Noelle Bush - 1977
Jeb Bush - born 1983

Columba Bush, formerly Columba Garnica Gallo, was born in Leon, Guanajato, Mexico in 1954. In February 1971, Governor Bush and Mrs. Bush met in Leon, Mexico, while Jeb was teaching English in an exchange program for his school, Phillips Academy, Andover. After Governor Bush graduated from the University of Texas, he and Columba were married on February 23, 1974, in Austin, Texas. In 1980, they moved to Miami, where they raised their three children, George, Noelle and Jebby.

Mrs. Bush has been active in her community. She is currently a spokesperson and a member of Informed Families of Florida, a non-profit organization which is involved in educating families on the perils of drug abuse. She is also the Co-Founder of the Children's Cultural Education Fund of the Ballet Folklorico, which raises money for the national dance troupe of Mexico. The Foundation sponsors free performances of the Ballet Folklorico so it can be seen by school-age children across the United States. More than 250,000 children have seen the Ballet to date.

As Florida's First Lady, Mrs. Bush has chosen to dedicate her time and energy to help promote art appreciation among Florida's young people, and to speak out about the problems of drug abuse.
Governor and Mrs. Bush have been married for 25 years, and have three children: George, 23, Noelle, 22, and Jebby, 15.

Bush Family Photo

President George W. Bush, Laura Bush, former First Lady Barbara Bush, and former President George H. W. Bush sit surrounded by family in the Red Room, Thursday, Jan. 6, 2005. Friends and family joined former President Bush and Mrs. Bush in celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary during a dinner held at the White House. Also pictured are, from left, Georgia Grace Koch, Margaret Bush, Walker Bush, Marvin Bush, Jenna Bush, Doro Koch, Barbara Bush, Robert P. Koch, Pierce M. Bush, Maria Bush, Neil Bush, Ashley Bush, Sam LeBlond, Robert Koch, Nancy Ellis LeBlond, John Ellis Bush, Jr., Florida Gov. John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, Mandi Bush, George P. Bush, and Columba Bush.
White House photo by Eric Draper

Seventh generation Stillman's are
6th cousin to President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Eighth generation Stillman's are
7th cousins to President George Walker Bush
Governor Jeb Bush of Florida

The red represents the districts that voted for Cousin George W. Bush in 2004

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